About AHA

Welcome to the Alberta Homeopathic Association. Founded in 2014, The Alberta Homeopathic Association is a nonprofit organization to unite and support the professional homeopathic community in Alberta and to further more establish Homeopathy as a recognized profession and regulated health care system in Alberta.

We are proud to say our team consists of a board of directors and other diligent members of AHA who will be working closely with the executive director, president and vice president. In further addition, our team plans to utilize a professional lobbyist to keep us appraised of legislative activities and to help us affect-desired outcomes.


We keep our members informed through out the year by our annual newsletter, quarterly meetings, website communications, and articles. We promote homeopathic continuing education through ongoing seminars, provings, triturations, symposiums and conferences.


Going forward as a representative of homeopathy in Alberta we accept membership in a variety of categories, please contact us for more information. Thank you for helping us get started on bringing the profession of homeopathy into recognition for Albertans!





The Board

Katie Kiemeny


Cathy Morgan

Vice President

Richa Bhatia


Lindsey Pascoe
Kris Stengler


Linda Miller


Jill Giesinger
Trish Felber


Member Directory


Our Mission:

The Alberta Homeopathic Association of Certified Homeopaths serves the public by overseeing certified homeopaths to uphold and sustain safe, knowledgeable, ethical homeopathic care to the public. The association ensures certified homeopaths provide ongoing, innovative leadership that encourages professional distinction and influences health policy. AHA works to enhance and improve the homeopathic profession in Alberta.


Scope of Practice

The scope of practice of homeopathy is defined by the Homeopathy 2007 act as "...the assessment of body system disorders and treatment using homeopathic techniques to promote, maintain or restore health."


Our Vision & Goals:

Our focus is on improving and enhancing the homeopathic community within Alberta.

1. To provide a network of professional homeopaths that the public can reply on for safe, knowledgeable, ethical care.

2. To be acknowledged as a Paramedical Service within Private Insurance Providers making care accessible to all Albertans.

3. Promoting a Level of Continuing Education by providing seminars and educational materials.

4. Promoting Public Awareness of Homeopathic Medicine through fundraising and seminars.

5. Support low income families, support shelters, and scholarship

6. Provide a financial support to establish a College of Homeopaths within the Province of Alberta; in order to maintain ethical standards.