Membership Requirements

Professional Membership

Professional Certified or Licensed Homeopaths who have fulfilled the academic requirements of a Diploma of Classical Homeopathy, and hold the CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) designation.  Professional members adhere to standards of competency and code of conduct in homeopathic practice maintained by the Alberta Homeopathic Association and are required to show proof of professional certification.  Only members in this group have voting privileges.


            AHA extends its North American Reach to ensure Alberta gets optimal homeopathic care. 


Associate Membership

Associate members are professional homeopaths with a diploma in homeopathy.  Retired members or former registered members who are not practicing at this time are candidates for this level of registration and may apply for this level of membership.  Proof of homeopathic certificate is required.  

Affiliate Membership

Other health care professionals who support homeopathy and maintain registration with another professional body, such as but not limited to, N.D., M.D, R.N. Chiropractor.  Proof of credentials, education, and references are required. 

Student Membership

This category is available to non-practicing students attending formal education and can provide proof of enrolment for evaluation. 


Friends of AHA

Homeopathy has affected so many of our friends and family in positive ways.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to share in knowledge, resources and community here at AHA.  This category is for our friends and supporters of AHA. 


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