Storing & Travelling 

with Remedies

What You Can Do to Protect Homeopathic Remedies from Irradiation


Homeopathic remedies are very sensitive compounds. They are created by diluting substances until little if any of the original material is left. The resulting medication contains the energy imprint of the original substance.


The best prevention is to store homeopathic remedies at least two feet away from television and other electronic devices, especially microwave ovens and computer monitors. Keep remedies in a dark, dry storage area as well. Remedies are best stored in yellow or blue glass bottles, not clear. Sunlight passing into the remedies can be as damaging as EMR.


When traveling with homeopathic remedies, pass the remedies to the guard for manual screening and do not put them through the security x-ray scanners. It is safer for the remedies to be shipped in luggage rather than in carry-on suitcases, for this reason. The lead bags that film is stored in for airport x-ray prevention may also be of use.


However, because it is not possible at this time to measure the amount of substance in a homeopathic remedy, it is not possible to know with confidence if the remedies are damaged or not, unless they are prescribed.  If a well prescribed remedy fails to act, and you have been traveling with that remedy, a new vial of that remedy may need to be obtained.