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About me


Hello, my name is Richa Bhatia and I am a Classically trained and registered Homeopath residing in the picturesque city of Calgary, Alberta.

I grew up in India where alternative medicine coexists peacefully with Allopathy. In my home, my family always used Ayurveda or Homeopathy first before considering Allopathy. Twenty years ago I moved to North America and this bond with Alternative medicine hit a pause. And then, as it happens so often, as a young mother I set about to find good solutions for my children’s health and rediscovered Homeopathy. This time around, I truly understood the benefits of Homeopathy and decided to study and become a Homeopath myself.

While I was still studying, I gave my son a remedy for a skin eruption he had for months. Magically, the skin eruption disappeared in 24 hrs as if it never was. I still experience the same euphoric joy every time with my clients when we find a good solution to their health issues. For me, Homeopathy is not just what I do but what I love to do.

I completed my four year diploma from Western College of Homeopathic Medicine (Calgary, AB) and am certified by the Council of Homeopathy Certification to practice Classical Homeopathy. I also trained in Tanzania with HHA, (Homeopathy for Health in Africa) a Homeopathic non-profit organization. As many Homeopaths will affirm, this is a field where the learning never ends. And to that end, I continue to train every year, the latest being studying Human Chemistry with Ton Jansen to resolve complex cases impacted by various toxins. My practise consists of local and global clients. I find that my experiences as an immigrant gives me a wider perspective and understanding of different cultures at a deeper level, thus helping me connect more with my clients.

Other things I love:
I love travelling with my family to new places and countries. I enjoy hiking and being out in nature. I am an amateur potter par excellence of mis-shaped bowls and keep balance in my life with an active practise of meditation and yoga.

My Speciality 

I specialize in digestive issues and all kinds of food and seasonal allergies.

Languages: English, Hindi & Punjabi

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“Richa is effective, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. She is easy to talk to and she demonstrates a high degree of empathy and kindness. I feel very seen and heard by Richa and her expertise in homeopathy has helped both me and my daughter tremendously. I have worked with many different homeopaths over the years, and itwasn’t until connecting with Richa that I actually felt as though I had finally “come home”. Richa is a fantastic homeopath and I can’t speak highly enough about her.”


“My daughter Mia was on medication for at least 10 years for near-chronic nasal back drip induced by dust allergy. We had tried many many variations, reduction in dosage in order to get off the medication. It seemed to me that Mia would be forever dependent on these meds going into her adult life. Our consult with Richa and her holistic treatment, has already changed Mia’s life for the better. Not only is Mia off her medication, on which she had been dependant on for more than a decade, it has improved her stress levels, sleeping patterns, mood swings and has brought her joie de vie back. I am so thankful to Richa, who has guided us through the various stages of the treatment, always evaluating, assessing, and building up patiently upon each stage. We have never felt alone on this journey. Richa has been with us all the way through. I feel so relieved knowing that Mia can now enter adulthood free of meds.”
A huge heartfelt thank you to Richa from all of us Venables family

“After a second bout of severe heartburn, I contacted Richa (Healing Tree Homeopathy). With Richa’s very holistic approach to my treatment with recommendations on diet, supplements and lifestyle changes, I have broken the cycle of popping pills before every
meal. I have had a subsequent endoscopy and been given the all clear!
Thank you for all your support through a very difficult period in my life Richa. I am back to my busy life, keeping up with my two kids in energy and health.”
M Singh

“I just want to thank Richa for all she did for me. I can really see how much I have changed both mentally and physically. These days, even with the difficult condition of the pandemic, my anxieties are under control, I have good energy physically to do all my work and keep a check on binge eating. Also, my migraines have reduced significantly. She really did a great job and I can’t say thank you enough.”

“Just wanted to say a few words regarding my personal experience with Richa as my homeopath. All I can say is I had a really great experience with your advice and prescribed medications. After taking your remedies for three weeks, my muscle pains started going away, and my general health improved significantly. I also need to mention that you were really patient to listen to my problems.”