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About me

I began my journey with homeopathy over 25 years ago as a mom searching for a healthier way to support my kids through fever, illnesses, and injuries. My professional education then began with a four year program at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine where I graduated as a Classical Homeopath. I have also studied at the Prana Homeopathic Centre in India, completed an internship in Tanzania at Homeopathy for Health in Africa, certified in Homeopathic Detox Therapy in London and I am in my last year of Post Graduate studies at the Irish School of Homeopathy.  So much to learn and share!!!


Aside from work, I love being a mom, even though my kids are now adults! I also love the water: the ocean, lakes and rivers, where ever I can get on my paddleboard! It brings peace and balance to my life through nature. In essence homeopathy does the same, we’re able to treat symptoms naturally, restoring balance in the body.  It’s all connected. We’ve been given this amazing world and it holds all that we need to live and to heal.


My practice is open to all who are seeking a higher level of health, with a special interest in working with children and teenagers with issues of chronic illness, vaccine injury, anxiety, and ASD. I have recently moved to the Calgary area where I continue to work with Intune Homeopathy, seeing patients both online and in-person. 

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